Gordon Karl Introduction OK America USA/Maryland
Dwek Eli The Production, Survival, and Evolutionary Role of Supernova Condensed Dust in the Early Universe 0 America USA/Maryland
Peroux Celine Formation and Evolutionof Metals 0 Europe Germany
Aalto Susanne Dust and Metals in Galaxies (Local Universe) OK Europe Sweden
Hashimoto Takuya Dust and Metals in Galaxies (Distant Universe) 0 Asia Japan
Nagamine Kentaro Dust and Metals in Galaxies (Simulations) OK Asia Japan
De Looze Ilse Conclusion OK Europe Belgium
Nanni Ambra  Investigating the physical processes driving the evolution of baryons in local and high-redshift low-metallicity galaxies OK Europe Poland
Mernier Francois  Metals (and dust) in the hot gas phase: from galaxy clusters down to massive galaxies OK Europe Netherlands
Ballhausen Ralf  Dust and gas absorption in the High Mass X-ray binary IGR J16318-4848 0 Europe Germany
Menendez-Delmestre Karin  The power source in dusty galaxies,ì a Chandra view of DOGs and an astrochemical study of dust in nearby galaxies OK America Brazil
Chastenet Jeremy  Benchmarking Dust Emission Models  OK America USA/California
Cameron Alex  Spatially resolved direct method metallicities in the SAMI Galaxy Survey OK Oceania Australia
Hirashita Hiroyuki  Theoretical understanding of extinction curves and SEDs with the evolution of grain size distribution OK Asia Taiwan
Lau Ryan  Revisiting and Resolving Carbon-rich Wolf-Rayet Dust Factories OK Asia Japan
Welsh Louise  The carbon isotopes of the First Stars OK Europe United Kingdom
Pantoni Lara Gas, metals and dust in star forming galaxies through cosmic time: a new analytic model OK Europe Italy
De Marchi Guido  Anomalous extinction laws? More like the norm... OK Europe Netherlands
Decleir Marjorie  Interstellar extinction curves at uncharted near-infrared wavelengths OK America USA/Maryland
Roman-Duval Julia  Constraining the lifecycle of dust and metals in neutral gas from the UV to radio OK America USA/Maryland
Telford Grace  The History of Metal Production and Ejection in the Massive Spiral Galaxy M31 OK America USA/New Jersey
Athikkat-Eknath Gayathri Resolved variations in the dust properties of Andromeda OK Europe United Kingdom
Casasola Viviana  Dust, metals and gas in the Local Universe: View from DustPedia OK Europe Italy
Saikia Gautam  Study of gas-dust correlations in a sample of nearby galaxies OK Asia India
Qin Jianbo  Dust Obscuration in Galaxies: connection between IRX, SFR, size and metallicity and implications OK Asia China
Pistis Francesco  VIPERS: Fundamental Metallicity Relation and its projections. Can observational bias affect their shape? OK Europe Poland
De Ugarte Postigo Antonio  The influence of a dusty galaxy environment in the production of very high energy photons 0 Europe Spain
Drevon Julien  Dusty circumstellar environment modeling around R Scl observed with VLTI/MATISSE OK Europe France
Thoene Christina  Panchromatic observations of a rare spiral Gamma-ray burst host: a detailed view on metals and dust. 0 Europe Spain
Zhao He  A systematic study of the dust of Galactic supernova remnants I. the distance and the extinction OK Europe France
Yang Jun  Measure the gas to dust ratio towards bright sources in the Galactic Bulge OK America USA/Massachusets
Ding Jiachen  Radiative Transfer Modeling of An SN1987A Light Echo-AT2019xis OK America USA/Texas
Butler Robert  UV extinction as a fundamentally better measure of dust OK America USA/Indiana
Rezaee Saeed  Nebular Dust Attenuation Curve Variation with stellar mass, metallicity and specific SFR in Local Star-Forming Galaxies. OK America USA/California
Trussler James  Stellar metallicities as a tracer of quenching mechanisms OK Europe United Kingdom
Lamperti Isabella  Dust properties of nearby galaxies from the JINGLE survey inferred from hierarchical Bayesian SED fitting 0 Europe United Kingdom
Morselli Laura  The main sequence - gas - dust relation at sub-kpc scale in grand-design spirals OK Europe Italy
Pastrav Bogdan Adrian  The extent of dust and inclination effects on dust scaling relations in nearby galaxies OK Europe Rpmania
Priestley Felix  Cold dust emission from the shocked material around supernova remnants OK Europe United Kingdom
Sansom Anne  Dusty Early-Type Galaxies in the Nearby Universe OK Europe United Kingdom
Sato Mamiko  APEX and NOEMA observations of H2S in nearby luminous galaxies and in the ULIRG Mrk 231 NO Europe Sweden
Alvarez-Marquez Javier  Rest-frame FUV-to-FIR view of LBGs at z = 3 : Templates and Dust attenuation 0 Europe Spain
Barrufet Laia  Dusty Star Forming Galaxies over cosmic time OK Europe Switzerland
Buat Veronique  Dust and stellar emission in dust-rich galaxies observed with ALMA: a challenge for SED fitting techniques OK Europe France
Cox Pierre  A Comprehensive Redshift Survey of the Brightest Herschel Galaxies OK Europe France
Lesniewska Aleksandra  Dust production in galaxies at z > 6 OK Europe Poland
Burgarella Denis  Observational constraints and modeling of the formation and early destruction of the first dust grains in galaxies at 5 < z < 10 OK Europe France
Di Mascia Fabio  Probing dust properties of z~6 quasars OK Europe Italy
Fujimoto Seiji  [CII] Halo in the Early Universe OK Europe Denmark
Ginolfi Michele  Galactic feedback and circumgalactic metal-enrichment in the early Universe OK Europe Switzerland
De Rossi Maria Emilia  Dust emission from first luminous sources in the early Universe OK America Argentina
Vanderhoof Brittany The first optical [OII] and far-IR [CII] analysis of the ISM conditions of a galaxy at z ~ 4.58 0 America USA/New York
Zavala Jorge  On the prevalence of dust-obscured star formation in the early Universe. 0 America USA/Texas
Shivaei Irene  Constraints on the shape of the attenuation curve at z~2 OK America USA/Arizona
Sanders Ryan  Galaxy gas-phase metallicities from the epoch of reionization to the present day OK America USA/California
Faisst Andreas  The far-IR dust SEDs of z > 5 galaxies: Hot or Cold? OK America USA/California
Strom Allison  From metallicity to abundance patterns: galaxy scaling relations at high redshift 0 America USA/New Jersey
Harikane Yuichi  Large Population of ALMA Galaxies at z>6 with Very High [OIII]88um to [CII]158um Flux Ratios OK Asia Japan
Sugahara Yuma  Another tail of Big Three Dragons: A [NII] 122 um constraint and a new dust-continuum detection of a z = 7.15 Lyman Break Galaxy with ALMA OK Asia Japan
Bakx Tom  Tracing metals beyond redshift 8 with ALMA OK Asia Japan
Toba Yoshiki  Dust properties of optically dark IR galaxies without Counterparts of Subaru HSC in the AKARI NEP field OK Asia Japan
Wendt Martin  The dust/metallicity-anisotropy of the Circum-Galactic Medium OK Europe Germany
Hamed Mahmoud  Dust attenuation in ALMA-detected dusty star-forming galaxies in the COSMOS field OK Europe Poland
Kaasinen Melanie  Comparing Molecular Gas Tracers at z~2: Do CO and dust continuum observations yield the same inferred properties? OK Europe Germany
Kalita Boris Sindhu  Curious diffuse dust emission detected in a galaxy group at z~3 OK Europe France
Calabro Antonello  The UV slope and stellar metallicity of star-forming galaxies at z ~ 3 OK Europe Italy
Khusanova Yana  The dust obscured star formation rate density at z>4 0 Europe Germany
Gururajan Gayathri  High redshift spectral imaging of lensed sources using ALMA OK Europe France
Sommovigo Laura  Dust in high redshift galaxies OK Europe Italy
Takeuchi Tsutomu  Evolution of the Mass, Composition, and SED of Dust in Galaxies OK Asia Japan
Bellstedt Sabine  Cosmic evolution of metallicity using the SED-fitting code ProSpect OK Oceania Australia
Bogdanoska Jana  UV dust attenuation as a function of stellar mass and its evolution with redshift OK Europe France
Donevski Darko  The evolution of dust-to-stellar mass properties of distant, dusty galaxies OK Europe Italy
De Cia Annalisa  Metals and dust in the neutral ISM, from our Galaxy to high-z OK Europe Switzerland
Fernandez-Ontiveros Juan A new Te-consistent method to measure chemical abundances from IR nebular lines OK Europe Italy
Galliano Frederic  Empirical Constraints on Cosmic Dust Evolution Parameters OK Europe France
Malek Katarzyna  Balancing stars and dust at different redshift ranges OK Europe Poland
Mountrichas Georgios X-ray flux in the SED modelling: An application of X-CIGALE in the XMM-XXL field OK Europe Spain
Rocca-Volmerange Brigitte  Dust-metals IR emission modeling for distant active galaxies and EoR 0 Europe France
Berg Trystyn  The chemical evolution of the neutral gas reservoirs of the Universe OK America Chile
Shin Eun-Jin  How Supernovae Ejecta Is Transported In And Out Of The Galactic Disk: Dependence On Hydrodynamic Schemes In Numerical Simulations 0 Asia South Korea
Triani Dian  Investigating the origin of dust in galaxies using Dusty SAGE OK Oceania Australia
Lagos Claudia  Dust galaxies across cosmic time: The perspective of galaxy formation simulations OK Oceania Australia
Baes Maarten  The evolution of the infrared luminosity function and the dust mass function in the EAGLE simulation OK Europe Belgium
Fioc Michel  Galaxy modeling with(in) code Pegase.3 OK Europe France
Riccio Gabriele How reliable are galaxies physical parameters estimations for LSST main sequence sample? OK Europe Poland
Graziani Luca  The assembly of dusty galaxies at z>4 OK Europe Italy
Trayford James  Fade to grey: systematic variation of the galaxy attenuation curves with galaxy properties in EAGLE OK Europe Netherlands
Garaldi Enrico  Dusty galaxies at Cosmic Dawn in the Thesan cosmological radiation-magneto-hydrodynamical simulations OK Europe Germany
Granato Gian Luigi  Dust evolution in zoom-in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation OK Europe Italy
Popping Gergo The resolved dust-continuum emission of galaxies within the IllustrisTNG simulation: an explanation for the compact dust emission in z>1 galaxies and the use of dust-continuum emission as a tracer of a galaxy's H2 distribution OK Europe Germany
Lovell Chris  Reproducing sub-millimetre galaxy number counts with cosmological hydrodynamic simulations OK Europe United Kingdom
Ceverino Daniel  Weak evolution of the mass-metallicity relation at cosmic dawn in the FirstLight simulations OK Europe Spain
Millard Jenifer  IllustrisTNG and S2COSMOS: possible conflicts in the evolution of neutral gas and dust OK Europe United Kingdom
Millan-Irigoyen Iker  Chemical evolution of galaxies: emerging dust and the different gas phases in a new multiphase code OK Europe Spain
Li Qi  Modeling dust mass and grain-size distributions of galaxies across cosmic time OK America USA/Florida
Chaouche Yassine Ab initio Calculations of phase transition and electronic propertie of Scandium compounds 0 Africa Algeria
Nykytyuk Tetyana The metallicity distribution function of halo of NGC3115 galaxy : monolitic vs merger scenario. 0 Europe Ukraine
Zsíros Szanna Circumstellar interaction and dust in the environment of Type IIb Supernova 1993J 0 Europe Hungary
Vale Asari Natalia The global dust-corrected Halpha luminosity is always underestimated: hints from MaNGA and MUSE OK America Brazil
Gburek Timothy The Oxygen Abundance of Dwarf Galaxies at Cosmic High-Noon 0 America USA/California
Hu Dangning Properties of Aromatic Feature Carriers in Nearby Galaxies 0 Europe France
Ramambason Lise Impact of metal-enrichment on the ISM properties and topology 0 Europe France
Bell Cameron The intrinsic reddening of the Small Magellanic Cloud using background galaxies OK Europe Germany
Garg Prerak Modeling Nebular Line Emission (Understanding the Physics Driving the BPT Offsets at High-Redshift) 0 America USA/Florida
Corrales Lia Measuring intergalactic pollution with X-ray dust scattering halos 0 America USA/Michigan
Matsumoto Kosei Probing inner structures of molecular torus with CO ro-vibrational absorption lines 0 Asia Japan
Romano Michael Morpho-kinematic diversity in the Early Universe revealed by the ALPINE survey 0 Europe Italy
Pollo Agnieszka Automatic approach to studies of galaxy properties in large astronomical catalogues 0 Europe Poland
Mosenkov Aleksandr Dust and stellar emission in edge-on galaxies 0 Europe Russia
Figueira Miguel Star Formation Rate estimations at 0.5 < z < 1.0 with the VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey (VIPERS) 0 Europe Poland
Śniegowska Marzena Highly accreting quasars: leaders in metal enrichment on galactic and super galactic scales? 0 Europe Poland
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